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History of the area and the Castle

Front view of the Castle of Santiga form the main square.jpg

The castle of Santiga is the most remarkable piece of architecture of the estates. The castle, with more than XXXX m2 built, is a magnificent construction with three levels in the main building, a courtyard, several ancillary buildings and two terraces with expending views to the estate.

“Castell” means castle in Catalan language. The first written references to the castle date from the tenth century and the first owners were important aristocrats of the time. 

The castle of Santiga is actually a fortified masía. The fortification of the original masía happened in the XIII century by the Marquis of Vilanant who built a moat to stop the enemy troops from getting close to the castle walls.

The castle is located in the square of Santiga, originally a roman settlement that nowadays is part of the larger municipality of Santa Perpetua de Mogoda. The square has another two constructions: a laundry place of the nineteenth century –which also belongs to the estate- but above all the Romanic church of Santa Maria l’Antiga, which has been recently restored. The church is build upon the remains of an old Roman settlement.

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